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Haters Comment

Youtube’s Attempt to Punish Haters For Toxic Comments

YouTube has announced their latest effort to reduce toxic and hate comments on the platform which often makes the mentality of creators and users down.

Google itself has previously introduced features such as displaying a warning to someone, if they want to post such a comment, so that the haters are expected to consider their comments before commenting.

YouTube said it would send a notification to the sender of the bad comment that had been removed, for violating server rules. If a user continues to post toxic comments despite a warning, YouTube will ban them from uploading YouTube comments for 24 hours.

The company claims to have tested this feature prior to launch, and found it and the “timeout” measure to be materially successful.

Hate comment detection is currently only available in English. However, the streaming service plans to feature more languages in the future.

YouTube’s own goal is to protect creators from users trying to negatively impact the community through comments. It also offers more transparency to users who may have removed comments for policy violations and hopefully helps them understand our Community Guidelines.

In a post, YouTube also revealed that they were working on improving their artificial intelligence (AI) detection system.

The system is said to have removed 1.1 billion spam comments in the first half of 2022. YouTube also claims to have improved the system to better detect and remove bots, in video live chats.

facebook v youtube

Facebook is coming up with a New Feature Like Youtube’s

when we are viewing a video but want to browse at the same time about other videos that we want to watch, YouTube provides a very helpful feature with “picture-in-picture” mini videos. The video we are watching will turn into a small in the lower right corner while we are browsing.

Facebook will have this feature in the future. It can be seen from the Facebook team that makes a lot of video-friendly features. One of the benefits is that we can continue to enjoy videos while browsing the homepage, exchanging “Likes” or replying to friends’ comments.

The difference is that we can arrange the placement of mini videos on Facebook ourselves. Can be above or below according to our taste. The size is also comfortable and similar to the size of a mini video on YouTube

This feature cannot be felt in the APK application or on the Beta platform. Only the Facebook team has been able to show this feature, and until now it seems that it is still in the development stage.

Youtube vs Tiktok

Tiktok VS Youtube?

TikTok’s intention to test the video feature in the horizontal format is likely to open up competition with YouTube. It is not impossible that Bytedance-backed social media wants to attract young YouTube users.

TikTok already has one billion users worldwide, but that doesn’t stop it from testing and introducing new features. The latest example, certain users are given access to horizontal full-screen mode for videos on cellphones.

Earlier this year, TikTok said it would extend the video playback time by up to 10 minutes. Previously, the platform limited video length to three minutes or even shorter.

TikTok is even considered to outperform YouTube.

Tech Crunch posted TikTok’s confirmation of testing horizontal full-screen mode for select users globally. Later, these users will see a new “full screen” button appear on square or rectangular videos in the feed. Once that button is clicked, the video will switch to horizontal full-screen mode.

TikTok vs YouTube

TikTok application on mobile

The portrait format video feature has actually brought TikTok to become the fastest growing social media app in the world, according to the BBC. The app is most popular among young people globally, and has been downloaded nearly four billion times.

As with the trial of other features, it is not yet known when or if TikTok plans to widely release full-screen mode to all of its users. Even if TikTok decides to release the feature officially, the final product may look different from the trial product.

Data shows that currently children and adolescents spend more time watching TikTok than YouTube. This has been happening since June 2020 when TikTok started to outperform YouTube.

On the other hand, YouTube also continues to compete with TikTok with Youtube Shorts.

the platform announced major changes to the YouTube Partner Program, which allows creators to earn ad revenue via Shorts. Previously, no short-form video platform was able to offer a way to share ad revenue, something that is claimed to have put Shorts ahead of the competition.

YouTube has much higher production values and takes longer for users to align to the aesthetic of the production. Meanwhile, TikTok will remain a production platform for the production of shorter and arguably more engaging content.