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How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on Android and iOS Easily and Quickly


For loyal Instagram users, there is good news for all of you because Instagram has released its newest feature, dark mode. This feature reduces the lighting on the cellphone screen so that the eyes are much more relaxed when in front of the cellphone screen for a long time. Interested in trying it? Here’s How to Enable Instagram dark mode on Android and iOS easily and without hassle.

4 + How to Enable Instagram dark mode on android and iOS Guaranteed Easily

Before knowing How to Enable Instagram dark mode on Android and iOS, make sure the cellphone you are using supports this feature. Usually, the Android type that supports this feature is Android system 10, while iOS can help with this feature at least iOS 13.

Well, this one feature also has the function of being able to save battery on cellphones. So you all don’t need to worry anymore if your cell phone will waste battery quickly. Apart from that, you can also implement this feature on Android and iOS systems, so those of you whose cellphone systems already support you can try this feature immediately.

But you also need to know, make sure the Instagram application you use must be the latest version so that the dark mode can appear. So, in the following, the author will attach easy ways to activate dark mode on Instagram for Android and iOS systems.

How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on Android Through the Instagram Application

The following are easy ways to apply dark mode to Instagram via the Instagram direct application:

  • The first step is to open your Instagram application
  • Then click the profile menu in the lower-left corner of the screen
  • Then tap the three-line icon in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Then the settings menu tab
  • Then scroll down and look for the theme menu
  • Then after that, click on the theme menu
  • Next, select the dark mode option and check it
  • Then your Instagram display will automatically change to dark mode, and you’re done
  • If you want to deactivate the dark theme, the method is the same, you just have to select the System Default option, and the theme will automatically return to light as before

How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on Android Through Phone Settings

Here are easy ways to activate dark mode on Instagram via cellphone settings for all of you Android users:

  • As discussed above, make sure your cellphone supports the Android 10 operating system
  • Continue to open the settings menu
  • Then click the display and brightness menu
  • Then press the dark theme / dark mode menu
  • Then automatically, the dark mode is immediately active
  • To be even more sure, open your Instagram application
  • To return to bright mode, the method is similar to the initial method

How to enable Instagram Dark Mode on iOS

So, for you iPhone users, there are also easy ways to activate dark mode on your iOS:

  • First, make sure your iOS supports at least iOS 13
  • The first way is to open the Settings menu on your cellphone
  • Next, click the Display menu and Brightness.
  • After that, continue to click the Dark Mode menu and check it so that it can be on
  • The last step is to open the Instagram application to check that the dark mode is automatically active
  • If you want to go back to light mode, you just have to follow the method as before in your iOS settings

How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on iOS Using the Control Panel

Apart from the method above, there is an even more straightforward method that you can apply to activate dark mode on this iOS system:

  • An easier way is to go to the initial appearance of your iPhone
  • Then swipe up / swipe up, until the control panel button appears
  • Then press the brightness indicator menu until the dark mode option appears
  • Finally, press the dark mode option. The mode will automatically activate.

So, that’s How to Enable Instagram dark mode on Android and iOS easily and guarantee that it doesn’t need to be complicated, which you can try yourself. But there is one thing you need to remember, not all iPhone series can support iOS 13. For example, the iPhone 5S is not yet able to support this iOS system, and even if you are forced to download the latest version of Instagram, this dark mode won’t appear.

Pros and Cons of Using Dark Mode

As additional information for all of you, after knowing how to activate dark mode on Instagram via Android and iOS, you should also know the advantages and disadvantages of using this dark mode. Here are the advantages and disadvantages that you can find out.

Pros of Using Dark Mode

  • Able to reduce eye strain when in front of a cellphone screen
  • It can save battery usage on cell phones so that batteries won’t run out quickly
  • Dark mode can make it easier for users to rest
  • The dark mode can create a better contract on the phone
  • The right choice if you use dark mode at night
  • Gel mode contains less blue light (blue light)
  • The dark mode is more effective for people who are sensitive to light

Disadvantages of Using Dark Mode

If applying dark mode in a bright area will make it difficult for the user to read the writing on the cellphone. Sometimes writing or text on the phone can be a little blurry.

If the cellphone LCD is in an old state, then it will not be able to save battery. Saving mode is only suitable for use on the screen.

You need to know that, of course, every feature has its advantages and disadvantages. Now that’s the advantages and disadvantages of the dark mode feature. This is information about How to Enable Instagram dark mode on Android and iOS that you can try quickly. Apart from that, you can also know the advantages and disadvantages of using this dark mode feature.

Instagram Hack

Instagram Provides a Website to Help The Users From Hackers

Instagram has come up with a new feature to help users whose accounts have been hacked. The new feature is called instagram.com/hacked which is claimed to be reliable for users to report access problems to their accounts.

To support accounts that are experiencing access problems or being hacked, Instagram created instagram.com/hacked, which is a new feature that people can rely on to report and solve problems accessing their accounts. And it is recommended to access the instagram.com/hacked page via a cellphone or browser on a laptop or computer.

Then, the user will be able to choose whether their account has been hacked, forgot their password, lost access to two-step authentication, or their account has been banned. From there, users will be able to follow a series of instructions to get their account back.

users can also choose, which account needs help.

Furthermore, Instagram said earlier this year they had started testing identity verification by utilizing the user’s friends. Users whose accounts have been hacked or locked can select two of their friends on Instagram to verify their identity.


Instagram Will Bring Up a New Feature on Desktop

Instagram is starting to test a new look for the Stories service which can be accessed via the website or desktop version.

Based on the leak, the appearance of the desktop version of Stories will be designed to be more comfortable than before.

in this trial it is known that Instagram Stories will be displayed in the form of a carousel, not just one full page as it currently is.

This change in appearance can be said to make it easier for users to see directly the row of Stories on the platform.

The navigation for moving between Stories remains the same and users can click on them manually or allow them to play automatically.

An Instagram spokesperson confirmed that the company is currently testing the feature on a small group of users.

This trial has been carried out since last month.

however, it is not yet certain whether this new feature will be implemented permanently and applies to all users.