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Will There be Teleportation Technology in The Future

Will There be Teleportation Technology in The Future?

NASA itself is also developing a special teleportation vehicle called the “EM Drive Propulsion System”.

Roger Shawyer, an engineer from England who first initiated the concept of this technology. This is because the ‘EM Drive Propulsion System’ has a design capable of making the propulsion engine ‘utilize’ light particles and create microwaves in a small cone-shaped space.

“A booster engine will be located at the tip of the cone, which will drive the engine to ‘devour’ light particles. From there, the probe will fly at a power ratio of 1.2 millinewtons per kilowatt to approximately 0.1 millinewtons per kilowatt,” said Shawyer. .

If this vehicle is successfully tested, the astronauts’ space journey will be short. “Humans can go to the moon in four months, to Mars only takes four weeks with this vehicle,” he continued.

Indeed, Shawyer says the project is still a long way off. Even so, he confirmed that the systems and technology that support the vehicle still show consistent development.


Instagram Will Bring Up a New Feature on Desktop

Instagram is starting to test a new look for the Stories service which can be accessed via the website or desktop version.

Based on the leak, the appearance of the desktop version of Stories will be designed to be more comfortable than before.

in this trial it is known that Instagram Stories will be displayed in the form of a carousel, not just one full page as it currently is.

This change in appearance can be said to make it easier for users to see directly the row of Stories on the platform.

The navigation for moving between Stories remains the same and users can click on them manually or allow them to play automatically.

An Instagram spokesperson confirmed that the company is currently testing the feature on a small group of users.

This trial has been carried out since last month.

however, it is not yet certain whether this new feature will be implemented permanently and applies to all users.