Really?? Download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (APK + OBB) For Android

Spoiler Alert!!! GTA San Andreas Apk has been released for Android.

You heard it right. It is finally out.

After its massive success rate in PC platform, it has just landed here for Android platform too. If you have played the GTA San Andreas game to that much extent, then this is the perfect time you should not miss it out again.

You already know the awesomeness the game contains. But let me show you the real awesomeness which you can feel by using GTA San Andreas Apk on Android.

Let’s just dive right into the content.

P.S- Do you know that GTA San Andreas Apk For Android is totally free to download and use? 

 I won’t bet on this, but according to me I have arranged a whole range of facts about the GTA San Andreas itself. You just have a take a quick look around, and you are good to go.


The awesome game by the Rockstar North which is still up and running has just got a upgrade. You won’t believe but, GTA SA is now officially available for Android platform. But there are some hindrance and bad consequences which doesn’t allows some of the crazy gamers to download GTA San Andreas for android.

No worries! We are here to help!

But before you get the download link, I may ask that how much level you were into the game? If you are a complete newbie, then I would suggest you read this first.

The game GTA San Andreas is totally based on a revenge story where the main character Carl Johnson seeks to find his mother’s assassin and switch him to the death. After he starts out finding the killer, he comes across some crazy gangs located in the San Andreas city, pretty corrupted cops and many more people. Sometimes he has to negotiate and sometime he would just go rampage.

After all, he comes to know about the real facts behind his mother’s death. The story is all about these.

In the game there are a lot of fun activities you will find suitable for you. Like having a hard time establishing your old gangs, visiting your old friends and the bad moments when you hit the cops. Oh my, I just love those moments. 

There are a hell lot of things Carl Johnson is going to come across. The heavy ammunition, tragedies, bad cops and good peoples. InFact the game is a mixture of daily life tragedies. Just play it to know more.

Oh, wait! Am I missing anything? How could I forget about the killer graphics the game features?

You must have been aware of the superb graphics the game contains. By the Way if you have not seen it, check it out by installing the GTA San Andreas Apk.

What else? Let’s move!


I don’t have to give any idea about the game from now. If I do, everything you are going to know will be spoiled from here. But I can let you know the awesome features which are very hard to keep secret in just few line. Hope you will get the overall idea out of it.

Features of The GTA San Andreas Game –

  • Well, you won’t believe but I was able to swim in the game without drowning. See if you can do the same in the game.
  • Lots of four-wheeler vehicles, bikes, helicopters and air-crafts to use in the game.
  • Compete for a lot of vehicle missions as you were doing in the previous versions. You can consider this as an upgrade.
  • Go For achievements and win a lot of trophies.
  • As Carl Johnson, you can recruit you gang members to do tasks for you. You are their boss! 

  • You can collect different kind of stuffs and items as you wish. Just take a heavy machine gun for an example. There are a wide variety of items which are accessible to you as Carl Johnson and can be collected.
  • If You are confused about tohow to complete the game fully, then there is a guide on completing the GTA SAN Andreas Game 100% which you should read.
  • Carl Johnson has got total 6 girlfriends in the whole San Andreas. Pretty much fun!!!
  • You can also take control of other gangs and area controlled by them. Just wait for the right time to defeat them and their properties are all yours.
  • Controlling the game through different kind of cheats is an experience of inter dimensional fun. Just kidding guys, but seriously you will get more fun than anything else by using cheats.
  • Most Important – You can add third party elements to the GTA San Andreas Apk using mods.

Isn’t it too much awesome than what I told you before? Don’t be so eager. Chill down and read below contents too.

I am not done yet. Step down to read about some other valuable stuffs which you can’t really ignore.


As you can’t see, but in here, we are providing the full cracked version of GTA San Andreas for you. The full cracked version means heaven to a Die Hard GTA fan.

You can do anything, anywhere in the game. There is not a single person who can stop you to do so. Because it is the Full Cracked version of GTA San Andreas. And there are no boundaries like in the original San Andreas game.

You can peacefully enjoy the game…

But wait, I need to tell something more serious than I seem.

Do other websites with GTA San Andreas Apk provide you the genuine apk file which you really want to use?

 NO!!! They are so called scam!!!

Don’t go to them. Because they will fool you and waste your precious time which are making to just play an awesome game and that’s it.

But, we can save you from those loopholes by providing GTA San Andreas Apk.

No matter what happens, the GTA San Andreas Apk from our site will be 100% genuine and free to download for our user. Just make the full fun out of it, that’s gonna be crazy.

This is the main reason why you should download GTA San Andreas from our site. Except that, we have some kickass cheats ready for you below. But in order to read them, you just have to bear with us a lil more time.

Original Developer Rockstars North
App size 30MB
Android Requirements 4.0 and Above
Price Free
Downloads 76,87,999+
Security 100% VIRUS FREE!

You must be thinking of the other Features of GTA San Andreas Apk?

So, here we go.

  • Free and hasslefree to download.
  • Total clean and malware free Apk.
  • The GTA San Andreas apkdoesn’t lags.
  • Works both on rooted and non-rooted phones. There is no basic requirement for root.
  • The game contains high quality Only pure graphics which you can experience everywhere in the game.
  • Supports every kind of devices. You can even run the GTA San Andreas Apk on pc using any kind of Emulator too.

Done with the GTA San Andreas Apk features part?

Let’s scroll to the device specifications part where you will know the exact requirements to avail, put and start playing the GTA San Andreas Apk for android.


 Here are the things which you will need for running GTA San Andreas Apk on your android smartphone.

  • One Smartphone with minimumAndroid version of 4.0 and up.
  • The original GTA San Andreas Apk For Android. The Apk is available on our site for download. 
  • GTA San Andreas Full OBB Data.
  • One zip file extracter.
  • Free device storage upto2 GB.
  • Some free time and 2 cups of coffee.

Yes, you don’t need any more stuffs to do the bang. Just download GTA San Andreas in matter of seconds from our site and after installing the game you will be good to go.


Step by step installation guide Is given below for the users who don’t know or having Problem while installing GTA San Andreas on their phone.

If you don’t know the step by step installation guide for using GTA SA For android, then follow this guide to do it in minutes. In fact, it is short and won’t take much of your time To be honest.

First make sure that you have granted access for installation for unknown sources, and have the original apk file of GTA San Andreas Apk.

If you have not granted permission, then follow this procedure to install GTA San Andreas on your android smartphone.

  • Go to your device’s Settings.
  • Click onLock Screen and Security.
  • Again click on Allow Installation From Unknown Sources.

  • Now get back to the file location where you havekeep the free GTA SAn Andreas Apk file.
  • Click on the file, then tap on Install.
  • After installation, now get back to your device’s file location ofGTA San Andreas OBB.
  • Extract the GTA SA OBBdata by using Es Explorer in to the folder named sdcard/Android/obb.
  • Now you can enjoy your game peacefully.

Pro tip- If you are unable to trace your device’s OBB folder, then you can create one here at sdcard/Android/File Directory.


If you can resist yourself from using GTA SA cheats, then here few best cheat codes for GTA SA which you can use to boost your fun experience in the game. Just don’t forget to share them. For infinite health, type – BAGUVIX.

  • Want to burst the hell out of your enemies? Just type –
  • To recruit anyone for yourself, type –
  • You can also fly by the jetpack. To activate jetpack, type –
  • Accidentally fell off the sky? Try typing –
  • To clear your GTA SA wanted level, type – 
  • Want some more fun? Type – BEKKNQV(slut magnet)
  • For speeding up the game movement, type – 
  • To slow down, type – 

Well, enough for now. Here are the best GTA SA cheat codes which I knew from a long time. Now we should know how to use GTA SA cheat codes in Android game.



There are a lot of shady methods to use GTA SA cheats on your android phone, but you should not try them at all. The list includes a lot of virtual keyboards and cheat machines for GTA SA, which are very fun to use. Let’s know about them.
First of all, you can use any virtual keyboard. The best virtual gaming keyboard recommended to use for GTA SA is GameKeyboard.

What you have to do is to just install GameKeyboard app from Google Play Store. After you install this, you can add any kind of cheats in GTA SA on Android.

If you are not satisfied with this virtual android gaming keyboard, then try using JCheats which is available for GTA San Andreas MOD apk. Byt his you can hack any kind of saved mission in you GTA SA game.


That’s it. I am done telling each and every stuff related to this kickass game for now.

Now the final stance is about getting the original GTA SA APK for android.

Download Now

Why worry while we are here.

You can download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Apk for Android from our site. We have the latest GTA San Andreas Apk Free download full version for everyone. Now hurry up and download GTA SA APK with OBB for android.


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