Phone With a Flying Camera

Vivo is increasingly creating mobile phones with the latest anti-mainstream designs and innovations.

As recently, vendors from China are known to have developed. Smartphone design with a camera that can fly.

The technology is called a flying camera. if you look at the design, the face of the cellphone is like a smartphone in general. However, there is a clear difference at the top of the screen.

In that section, it is shown that there is a square-shaped module with four propellers that can come out and fly like a drone device. It has embedded with two cameras. One of the two cameras is placed at the top. Then one other camera is on the front.

The camera module can be removed completely by means of a bracket that snaps into the body. If you don’t want to take pictures, the bracket module can be put back into a special compartment that is on the top side of the Cellphone body. Uniquely, this flying camera module is also equipped with a battery component embedded in it. This flying camera module is made to make it easier for users to photograph objects that are quite far away.

When in the air, this flying camera is said to be able to change position so that the shots look ideal. this flying camera is also said to be able to determine different angles at which the camera will capture an object. If true, then Vivo is the first mobile phone manufacturer to have flying camera technology stored in the Smartphone itself. However, it is uncertain whether the cameras in the module will all act as image capturers, or whether some are actually special sensors. However, it is not yet certain that the design of this device will actually materialize in the form of a finished product.

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