facebook v youtube

Facebook is coming up with a New Feature Like Youtube’s

when we are viewing a video but want to browse at the same time about other videos that we want to watch, YouTube provides a very helpful feature with “picture-in-picture” mini videos. The video we are watching will turn into a small in the lower right corner while we are browsing.

Facebook will have this feature in the future. It can be seen from the Facebook team that makes a lot of video-friendly features. One of the benefits is that we can continue to enjoy videos while browsing the homepage, exchanging “Likes” or replying to friends’ comments.

The difference is that we can arrange the placement of mini videos on Facebook ourselves. Can be above or below according to our taste. The size is also comfortable and similar to the size of a mini video on YouTube

This feature cannot be felt in the APK application or on the Beta platform. Only the Facebook team has been able to show this feature, and until now it seems that it is still in the development stage.


Tesla’s Rival

A new four-wheeled manufacturer from China, Voyah has officially launched an electric sedan called Voyah Zhuiguang for domestic consumers. The new vehicle with medium-to-large dimensions is said to be a strong challenger to Tesla in the Bamboo Curtain country.

Voyah Zhuiguang is an electric car manufactured under the umbrella company Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DMC). This electric sedan is the third product launched by the manufacturer after previously introducing the Free SUV and Dreamer MPV.

In appearance, the Voyah Zhuiguang is no less than the cars made by Tesla. In fact, you could say a little more futuristic. The manufacturer provides it with a headlamp or main light which seems to be connected via a single line. Meanwhile, the logo is made vague in the central position and the grille is minimalist in the style of a premium car.

The Chinese electric sedan uses lightweight body materials and wheel positions that make it able to go faster. The vehicle with dimensions of 5.088mm/1.970mm/1.505mm is also equipped with pop-out door handles, tinted windows and an electric spoiler whose position can be adjusted.

The manufacturer equipped Voyah Zhuiguang with 31 high-sensitivity sensors, 12 cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 mm wave radar and two high-precision positioning units. The manufacturer claims that Voyah Zhuiguang uses an advanced platform called ESSA+SOA which has high efficiency electric drives and supports all-electric, hybrid and hydrogen powertrains.

The front motor of the vehicle can produce a maximum power of 160kW (218 hp). While the rear motor can spit out 215kW (292 hp). That’s a sign, the combined output reaches 375kW (510 hp) and maximum torque of 730 Nm.

Voyah Zhuiguang can accelerate from zero to 100 kph in just 3.8 seconds and has a maximum speed of 210 kph. The manufacturer provides the car with two types of batteries that can drive up to a distance of 580 km and 730 km. Even though it has been launched, Voyah Zhuiguang will only go on sale next year. Interested local consumers can prepare a dowry starting at 322,900 yuan or approximately Rp. 720 million

smart lens

Smart Lenses Will Be Produced

Soon Google will be able to realize its plan to introduce smart contact lenses.

Collaborating with a leading pharmaceutical company from Switzerland, Novartis, Google will soon produce smart contact lenses with the latest technology which are also equipped with special sensors to measure blood glucose levels for diabetics.

Google, through Google X, which has also spawned Google Glass and self-driving cars, announced its plans to make this smart lens in January, but did not explain that they would partner with other companies. According to Google founder Sergey Brin, Google’s dream is to use the latest technology in tiny electronic devices to help improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world.

Smart lens technology itself is different from the technology embedded in Google Glass and its capabilities are also different where this smart lens does not have features as rich as Google Glass.

However, it is possible that Google will be able to improve the capabilities of these smart contact lenses in the future, especially with partnerships built with other companies to make this a reality.

As part of the agreement, through a branch of Novartis that specializes in eye care called Alcon, it will grant a license for Google’s smart contact lens technology so that it can be commercialized.

Novartis himself stated that they were interested in working with Google in making these smart contact lenses a reality because of hearing about the technology that would allow lenses to detect glucose for diabetics, as well as its potential to help people with presbyopia, namely people who are unable to read without wearing glasses. The smart lens technology itself is also able to help improve the eye’s autofocus ability for close objects so that it has the potential to be implanted directly into the eye.

Delete Email Save Earth

Deleting Email Could Save The Earth?

this era ushered in humans to send messages digitally via electronic mail or e-mail. However, did you know that sending messages using email can’t really help save the Earth?

Sending email in fact also contributes to carbon emissions which can trigger global warming. The more emails that accumulate, the greater the performance of the server that stores emails. And even worse, this server must be turned on all day long so that it can continue to operate. This of course requires a large supply of electricity. For that, deleting the so-called email can be the solution.

the average person, for example, an American, has about 500 spam emails. If the email is deleted then it can lighten the burden on Earth.

Each email is estimated to contribute 0.3 grams of carbon dioxide. That means, by deleting 500 spam emails, 175 grams of carbon dioxide will be removed, which will have a big impact on the survival of the Earth.

Deleting email does look trivial. But it turns out to contribute greatly to protecting the Earth. In 2019, 293.6 billion emails were sent each day worldwide.

Of these, 107 billion emails are spam. If everyone around the world deleted 10 spam emails it would save 1,725.00 GB of server storage and 55.2 million kWh of electricity.

Saving 55.2 million kWh of electricity means reducing 39,035 metric tons of carbon dioxide. That’s the same as reducing the use of 19,356 tons of coal. For that, start to delete spam emails that are not needed.

Malware Remover CryWiper

New Malware Remover CryWiper Had Been Founded

Cybersecurity expert from Russia, Kaspersky, discovered a new malware called CryWiper. Reportedly, it is able to erase the data in the trap without any residue.

In its latest report, Kaspersky reveals that CryWiper is a malware remover where files modified by it cannot be restored to their previous state, forever.

So, if you find your device infected with CryWiper malware and see a note asking for a ransom and the file has CRY, don’t rush into paying the ransom, as it will be a waste.

Experts also confirmed that the malware can modify data, add CRY to it, and save a README.txt file with a note demanding a ransom.

Kaspersky said in its report that In the past, we have seen several types of malware being removed accidentally, due to the fault of their creators who implemented a badly implemented encryption algorithm. The attacker’s main goal is not financial gain, but data destruction. Files are not really encrypted otherwise, the Trojan overwrites them with randomly generated data.

Kaspersky says that the Trojan will even corrupt any data that is not critical to the operating system’s functionality. They don’t just focus on databases, archives and user documents.

So far, Kaspersky experts have only seen attacks targeting Russia. However, of course no one can guarantee that the same attack will not be carried out in other countries.

To protect devices from malware remover, Kaspersky experts recommend the following steps:

– Always carefully control remote access connections to your infrastructure: prohibit connections from public networks, allow RDP access only through VPN tunneling, and use strong unique passwords with two-factor authentication

– Timely update critical software, pay special attention to operating systems, security solutions, VPN clients and remote access tools

– Increase the security awareness of your employees, for example, using special online tools

– Implement advanced security solutions to protect work devices and corporate network perimeters.

app store

Apple Users Will Be Able To Use The Other App Besides The App Store To Install

Apple device users will reportedly be able to install other app stores besides the App Store on their iPhones and iPads.

This means that users must install the application on their iPhone, iPad and Mac via the App Store and cannot use third-party app stores. This news was first revealed by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg. He said that Apple will open the key element.

however, it is predicted that this change will only apply to the 27 member states of the European Union, and will form the basic for expanding services to other regions in the future.

So what was Apple’s decision to open up its ecosystem? This happened due to the regulation of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) from the European Union.

It was stated that the regulation required digital service management companies to guarantee market openness. In addition to allowing other application stores, this EU regulation also forces Apple to provide access to users for sideloading.

The European Union said the DMA rules would apply to all companies from March 6, 2024.

Gurman clarified that Apple still plans to charge developers even if they don’t distribute apps via the App Store.

Donald Trump's Twitter Account is Back

Donald Trump’s Twitter Account is Back

Twitter restored the account of former United States President Donald Trump on Sunday (20/11) after the social media was acquired by conglomerate Elon Musk.

The former US president’s Twitter account was permanently suspended on January 6 during riots on Capitol Hill as lawmakers continued the Electoral College vote-counting formalities.

At the time, many lawmakers and even former members of the Trump administration criticized him for encouraging his supporters to reject the election results and protest in the Capitol.

Donald J Trump’s account has indeed reappeared in searches.

It appears that Donald Trump last tweeted on January 8, 2021.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk had created a poll on his account before Twitter restored Donald Trump’s account.

As many as 51.8 percent of netizens voted for Donald Trump’s account to be restored, while 48.2 percent refused. The total number of netizens who polled Elon Musk’s accounts is around 15 million.

During the poll, Musk acknowledged vote counts were affected by automated, non-human, ‘bot’ accounts, and suggested the need to “clean up” polls on Twitter to prevent them from being influenced by bots and troll accounts.

However, Trump seems less interested in getting back on Twitter.

“I see no reason to return,” the former president said via video when asked by a panel at the annual Republican Jewish Coalition leadership meeting.

TikTok Adult Content

TikTok is Being Sued in a US State for Adult Content that Endangers Young Users

Tiktok was sued by the state of Indiana, United States of America (US) because it was accused of feeding young users with adult content.

The Attorney General of Indiana considered that TikTok has endangered the safety of young users through its content.

The company is suspected of cheating by listing an age rating of ’12+’ on its apps available on the App Store and Google Play. In fact, this platform is considered to have a lot of content related to drugs and sex which is considered to have a negative influence on young users.

In addition, this video sharing platform is also suspected of misleading users about China’s data access. The TikTok service allegedly violated the state’s consumer law by failing to warn that the China’s government could theoretically obtain sensitive data.

However, TikTok has repeatedly denied sharing US user data with the China’s government. They claim that TikTok stores all user account data in the US by default in Uwak Sam’s country.

Not only that, TikTok also claims that it has limited youth access to content that has the potential to have a negative impact. This includes setting age restrictions for certain videos. This latest lawsuit adds to the problems TikTok has had in recent weeks.

Previously, the state of Maryland banned the use of the app on government devices due to security concerns. It was followed by the state of South Dakota in late November.

find my device

Google Will Upgrade Find My Device Feature For Android Users

Google wants to upgrade its Find My Device feature to make it comparable to find my apple’s feature.

Find my apple’s network can track lost or stolen iPhone, iPad, Mac, and AirTag devices, even if they’re out of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth range or turned off.

currently, find my device google can only track phones that are signed in to a Google account.

This feature also can’t help to find lost or stolen devices. However, Google is constantly trying to expand the capabilities of its Find My Device feature.

Google will release a Play Store update that includes the addition of “Find My Device” which supports encrypted last location reports for Android devices using a new privacy-centric framework.This could indicate that Google is working on enabling Find My Device to track lost or stolen Android devices even without an internet connection.

Find my device android’s network will be able to cover a wide range of devices, with more than 3 billion Android devices in circulation worldwide. Like find my apple’s network, find my device android’s network will be an anonymous, encrypted network that can help locate a lost device or item.

There has  no official announcement regarding Google’s enhancement of the Find My Device feature yet. Additionally, in late November 2021, Google started rolling out a new feature that will allow Android users in certain states to place a digital copy of their SIM in Google Wallet.

The Play Store Update will also add a feature that allows automatic archiving of apps when Android phone storage is low. This feature will allow Android users to archive certain apps automatically to save phone storage space.

Additionally, the Play Store update will add a feature that allows Android users to change their Google account password via the Play Store app. This feature will make it easier for Android users to change account passwords

doctor handwriting

A Doctor’s Handwriting Machine Has Been Invented

Dizzy with the doctor’s handwriting on your prescription or even that of your pharmacy customer? Google will help with custom features.

Google is developing artificial intelligence (AI) that can decipher hard-to-read handwriting, with a focus on notes and prescriptions written by doctors.

The search engine giant announced the feature during its annual conference in India.

They claim to work with pharmacists to create a tool in Google Lens that can decode messy medical records. Google also shows the ability of these features.

This feature will be a technology that helps digitize handwritten medical documents by adding a human role in the process such as pharmacists.

So far, there is no detail on when the text parsing feature will be launched. However, the company says that there is still a lot of work to be done before the system is ready for the real world.

Google Lens is an AI-powered multipurpose object recognition tool that can be used from detecting objects to translating languages.

The Google Lens app can already be used to digitally copy handwritten notes. However, in testing this feature still depends on how readable the handwriting is. Meanwhile, doctors usually write prescriptions quickly with makeshift handwriting.

Regarding the location of the event, India is known to be a major market for Google with more than half a billion users in the country. The country also contributes to the highest number of Google Lens users in the world.