To Work More Efficiently, Here’s How to Control a Laptop Remotely

When you have a lot of work that demands Work From Home, you can still remotely control your PC or laptop in the office. Of course, this is good news because your work will become lighter. Thus, you need to know how to control a laptop remotely.

Why do you need to know how to control your office PC remotely? There are several benefits when you control a PC. The benefits are as follows.

Benefits of Controlling a Laptop Remotely

  • Perform computer maintenance. Users can solve problems when an error or error occurs in the software. So, you can do remote maintenance as long as it is still connected to the server.
  • Work becomes more efficient. By controlling the computer remotely, it is possible not to go down or go up to another floor to check for problems that occur because you can do it remotely.
  • Can collaborate with teams. The data distribution process will be much faster with this collaboration capability. Employees who work at WFH don’t need to go to the office first to pick up documents.
  • It guaranteed data security. Work will be easier to complete, and your files will still be guaranteed security.

Applications That Make It Easier How To Control Laptops Remotely

Google Chrome

Do you know? You can control your laptop remotely using a web browser, namely Google Chrome. So, you don’t need to download other software as a supporting application. Maintaining a remote PC with Google Chrome is easy for anyone, even beginners.

Here are the steps to remotely control a laptop using Google Chrome:

  • Open the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Type the following address in the address bar or site search box.
  • After that, an option will appear to access.
  • Select Remote Access.
  • Click the blue button at the bottom to download.
  • Then another window will appear and you must download the extension on the web browser.
  • Click Add to Chrome.
  • Wait a few moments for a notification window to appear.
  • Select Add Extensions.
  • Wait a few moments for the extension to be successfully installed.
  • Remember to also install special software to open the extension at the bottom.
  • Open the downloaded software, and wait for the installation result to finish.
  • Click Generate Code to get a code if you want to control your PC or laptop.
  • At the bottom, enter the code from the other laptop so you can control it.

Androids Teamviewer

Apart from using Google Chrome, you can also control your PC using your mobile phone which has the Android operating system. The method is also very easy. You only need to choose which supporting application to use for remote control or laptop control, such as Team Viewer. For those who want to use this application, simply download and install it on Playstore. Follow these steps so that the download and install process is successful:

  • On the web search, you can enter the site address: in the address bar, and select the Android menu to download it.
  • Or you can open Google Playstore directly, then enter Team Viewer and download it.
  • If it has been successfully installed, enter the ID and password of the device you want to control.
  • Click Connect or Connect, and wait until the process is complete.
  • Apart from the Playstore, the Team Viewer application can be downloaded and operated on other devices with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Linux operating systems.

Windows Remote Desktop

How to control laptop remotely can also be done using RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol. RDP is a technology that you can use to connect to devices that are far from reach. With the help of other devices near you, you can access a remote computer as if you were using it directly. Remote desktop is a feature of the Microsoft XP, Windows Server 2003, Vista, and 2008 operating systems.

With this feature, you can access and move the mouse, and keyboard, and run applications or other activities from other devices even though the PC you want to use is not nearby and has a different network. The advantage of using a remote desktop is that it’s not limited to personal devices, but you can also use it to connect your PC to virtual desktops and RDP servers. As the name implies, how to remotely control a laptop like this can only be done specifically for the Windows operating system. Here is how to control a device remotely using RDP :

  • Settings on the remote device by clicking the Start icon.
  • Click Settings and select the System option.
  • Find and click the Remote Desktop feature.
  • Then you will enter Remote Desktop Settings, in the Enable Remote Desktop option select On.
  • If you find the Enable Remote notification Desktop, click the Confirm tab.
  • On the desktop, right-click the Windows icon and select System.
  • Then, copy the PC name for later use on other devices that remote the PC.
  • If the method above is complete, you can continue with the next step which will use the device that will remote the first PC, here’s how:
  • On the device used to remote the PC previously, click the Windows button and type Remote Desktop Connection.
  • Select the Remote Desktop Connection option.
  • Enter the name of the PC you copied earlier, then select Connect.
  • Input the login password for the PC to be remote.
  • Select OK.
  • The process is complete, you can already remote the PC you wanted.


The advantage of this application is that you can access it free of charge and have no remote device restrictions. Operating systems that support AeroAdmin are Windows, Mac, and Linux. This one application is very suitable for the needs of large agencies with many devices.


The next how to control a laptop remotely is to use the AnyDesk application which can be operated on computers, tablets, or cell phones for free. However, for business needs, you can use the paid version. How to use AnyDesk is quite easy, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install the AnyDesk app on Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows.
  • Open the app and look for the AnyDesk ID of the device you want to remote.
  • Enter the AnyDesk ID on the other device.
  • Click Connect.
  • Then a notification will appear for remote access from other devices, select Accept.

You can download this application for free on Windows and Mac operating systems. Apart from remote devices, you can also hold meetings with a team of up to 10 people with the free version. The advantage of this application is the availability of basic remote application features such as calls, chat, video calls, URL customization, audio quality, and on-click screen sharing.

So, that’s how to remote control a laptop that you can do to make work easier.

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