Facebook is coming up with a New Feature Like Youtube’s

when we are viewing a video but want to browse at the same time about other videos that we want to watch, YouTube provides a very helpful feature with “picture-in-picture” mini videos. The video we are watching will turn into a small in the lower right corner while we are browsing.

Facebook will have this feature in the future. It can be seen from the Facebook team that makes a lot of video-friendly features. One of the benefits is that we can continue to enjoy videos while browsing the homepage, exchanging “Likes” or replying to friends’ comments.

The difference is that we can arrange the placement of mini videos on Facebook ourselves. Can be above or below according to our taste. The size is also comfortable and similar to the size of a mini video on YouTube

This feature cannot be felt in the APK application or on the Beta platform. Only the Facebook team has been able to show this feature, and until now it seems that it is still in the development stage.

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