Devices With Removable Batteries Will Come Back?

The European Union Parliament is reportedly coming with a new regulation that all portable devices must have a removable battery.

The plan includes batteries of nearly every size, from portable batteries–phones, tablets and laptops, to electric vehicle batteries to industrial batteries. If passed, then manufacturers will have 3 and half years to rework their portable devices so that users can easily remove and install them.

Previously, removable batteries were normal in Smartphone lines with various series belonging to world-renowned Android cell phone manufacturers.

Over time, companies prefer to use embedded batteries for various reasons, such as production costs so that they can withstand splashes of water.

Even though cell phones on the market today can adopt the removable battery concept again, this will be a challenge for folding screen cell phones.

This is because folding screen phones use two separate batteries, where each battery also functions as a balance between space and weight.

These two batteries are also connected with a ribbon cable and it is possible that not all users can easily remove and install the battery.

However, 3 and half years is still a long time for the company to think of a solution. Keep in mind; this is when the law is approved by the European Union Parliament and Council.

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