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Data governance programs do not sustain for long in an organization because their workforce did not implement the best techniques and practices of this proven strategy. Due to this reason, organizations need to provide training on data governance policies, standards, and practices.

This article will discuss the data governance mastery course, its features, and course contents.

Data governance education is a reputed institute that has been providing excellent teaching courses in enterprise data management since 1997. The company is viewed as the premier provider of online data management training and education.

About Data Governance

Data governance provides valuable insights about “data” that is the key asset of any organization. It depends on the development and implementation of practices, standards, and policies that add value to an enterprise.

What are the features of a data governance training program?

Data Governance is viewed as a type of data management that aims to help organizations ensure that they obtain high-quality data throughout the data lifecycle. The fundamentals of the strategy comprise usability, availability, consistency, data integrity, and data security.

A data governance program provides all the processes that are required to make sure effective accountability and management of data throughout the organization.

What is the role of a Data Governance Specialist?

A Data Governance Specialist deploys and enforces procedures and policies that ensure data is properly used and maintained. The specialist will examine concerns in data governance, including the definition of the problem, recommendations for a solution, and opportunity and root cause analysis.

A trained data governance professional’s main duty is to promote precise and effective records and information management across the organization.

What is the objective of the data governance mastery course?

This data governance course teaches the concepts and best practices to implement data governance in an organization. The main objective of the training program is to assist the learner in gaining proficiency in this field.

What is the utility of the data governance mastery training program?

The course is created to assist a data governance professional in the successful implementation of enterprise-level data governance training courses in complex environments. This course involves the fourteen initial artifacts required by a data governance program.

The course content of the Data Governance Mastery Course

Here is what an individual will be studying in this course:

  • Course Overview
  • Background And Fundamentals of Data Governance
  • Role of Data Governance’s In Data Management
  • Metrics and Dimensions of Data Governance
  • Data Stewardship Fundamentals
  • Role of Metadata Management In Data Governance
  • Role of Data Quality In Data Governance
  • Data Security And Data Governance
  • How to conduct an assessment for Data Governance?
  • How to build a domain model of Data Governance?
  • How to build a data governance organization?
  • Keys to success in Data Governance
  • Data Governance Organizational Change Management
  • Guide And Workflows of Data Governance
  • Beginning A Data Governance Training Program: Artifacts and Activities
  • Evolving Technologies In Data Governance


The poor implementation of data governance is the main reason behind the failure of its implementation. This also prevents the company from achieving the anticipated results. A data governance mastery course develops the necessary skills in a candidate that helps in the procedure’s smooth and efficient progress.

A well-designed data governance program implemented by a data governance specialist will help the organization achieve its objectives.

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