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Light-weight-oil-well cement is the type of concrete that is in demand in the construction world today. There are some minerals that have influenced the quality and strength of this cement type and they are zeolite tuff, microspheres and metakaolin. However, no additive can offer expected results like the microspheres.

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Benefits of Adding Additives to the Oil-Well Cement

Many benefits have made it necessary for the concrete manufacturing industries to come up with the mixture that can enhance the quality and also improves the working principle of the Oil-Well Cement. Some are listed below.

  • The best way of enhancing the quality and durability of the oil-well cement is by combining the right kind of mineral additives such as metakaolin and zeolite.
  • When the depth of the drilling goes beyond the estimation, the temperature starts rising. Oil-well cement is specially prepared in such a way that it wills not only fill-in the gaps that are left between the steel castings, but will also maintain the temperature at constant, even though the drilling continues.

This is possible because of the presence of mineral additives in the oil-well cement mixture.

  • When subjected to the high pressure and temperature conditions, the Oil-Well Cement, or also known as OWC will not lose their chemical composure. This factor makes them ideal catalyst that allows the slurry to successfully reach every gap that is found between the steel castings inside the well.
  • Hydration factor occurs when cement is mixed with the required volume of water. The hydration factor of the cement can be altered as per your preference, if you make use of the mineral additives.
  • With the help of the mineral additives, you can easily alter the performance of the Oil-Well cement structure. The slurries will become rigid and strong supplement for the oil wells, if you come up with an excellent composition of the cement.
  • The time required by the cement surface to harden and set is based on the requirement of water and also the chemical composition of the cement. With the help of the right amount of the mineral additives, you can easily alter the composition of the cements, which in-turn makes the well to set properly as early as possible.

Zeolite is actually the most preferred mineral additive to the OWC. It is actually high-porous in nature and can make the cement mixture to absorb as much water required as possible. The higher absorption of water content will make it easier for the well wall to set properly without any pores or holes in it.

Fly ash is one of the different kinds of mineral additives that are in use today. Many studies have proven that fly ash can offer excellent benefits to the oil-well cement mixture, just like any other mineral additives.

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