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While some grand crystal bead chandeliers create a more signature ambience in your home, if you want more fun and drama with your lighting fixtures, they are not for you. Glass bubbles should be your ideal choice. You can add colours to enhance the contrast, add a frost and make it look more antique, add layers for a grand look. You can get really creative with bubble lighting with many possibilities.

Get in touch with a lighting designer from Sofary and create your own glass bubble chandelier. They work closely with the manufacturers. Hence, they allow flexibility with size, style, layers, colours, and designs. A customized bubble light fixture can instantly elevate your room.

Colour tones in glass bubbles chandeliers

We know that choosing a right bubble chandelier can be a bit confusing especially when you try to match it with your other fixtures. Ceiling height also plays an important role here. Colour tones are the key features of these light fixtures. You can keep them opaque white, transparent, or add a tone of your favourite colour. You can also play in these following ways:

  1. For the artist in you, a blush tone of pink is a delight to add to your kid’s room or the gallery space of your house.
  2. A smoke finish glass bubble with a hint of grey and blue is a statement maker. With clean white walls, this chandelier will stand out dramatically.
  3. If you want to add more subtleness to your space and especially when you live near a coast, a skylight bubble will be ideal for you.

Factors that will govern your choice of chandelier

You should take note of the following factors before finalizing the design to complement your space:

  1. Size of the chandelier is one of the most important features. A dining room light fixture should cover a minimum of 50 % of your dining table width.
  2. There is a simple formula to establish a right chandelier size, just add length and breadth of your room in feet and buy the same size of chandelier in inches.
  3. Minimum 7 feet of space should be there between the floor and the chandelier to allow easy movement underneath.
  4. Choose the lighting fixture as per the size of your kitchen island. Get 2 chandeliers separated 24 inch apart for larger ones and one central for a small island.
  5. Select the cord finish as per your space. Cotton ropes and knitted ropes are best suited for a more casual touch while a leather cord is best if you live in a place recording high levels of humidity on most days.
  6. Mix your pendant or layered bubbles throughout your house to keep the drama alive while still adding to a single cohesive theme.
  7. Lastly establish the number of bulbs you will need in your chandelier. Single bulb pendants are for producing greater ambience, 2-3 bulbs illuminate a small space, and more scones for a larger space.

Many online websites offer customizable lightings. Play with designs and make a beautiful self-designed bubble chandelier to enhance the aesthetics and lighting of your home.

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