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Generating qualified sales leads forms the backbone of any business. A well-designed strategy is going to benefit your roofing business. With home purchasing and homebuilding on a rising trend, there are a lot of opportunities for roofing businesses to promote their businesses.

Let us see some of the impactful roofing marketing ideas, and best advertising practices to get more roofing jobs.

Use “bad weather” as an opportunity to make money

You can use bad weather to target roofing marketing to local and seasonal requirements to create marketing campaigns. Depending on the location, your customer can require rain gutter, rain barrels, etc. to face adverse weather conditions. By understanding the needs of homeowners, form an effective marketing idea in response to bad weather condition.

Roofing advertisement is one of the leading firms that implement exemplary SEO Services for your business. Their remarkable marketing campaigns help in generating sales leads for the business.

  • Choose PPC ads

PPC ads or Pay-per-click ad services can assist roofers to make the most out of bad weather.  The best part of PPC ads is that they are easy and quick to create. As you create these ads, you can easily use the, as an advantage of upcoming, or ongoing weather. With PPC campaigns you can create impressive campaigns that you can’t do with the billboard, contemporary, and print, advertising methods.

  • Use local targeting of Google

Google’s local targeting enables you to select specific locations and show ads to people who belong to those locations. This will prevent wastage of money in advertising in locations that don’t offer service.

Get sales leads by showing your USP

For customers to choose your business over others, you need to show your business’s unique selling feature. It can be in the form of Eco-friendliness, type of customers, roof type, guarantees, industry experience, reputation, service level, etc.

Share beneficial information to generate more roofing leads

Content marketing use information to advertise your roofing business effectively. It can be done in a variety of forms that includes a blog post, a text, a YouTube video or even a social media post. Learn effective strategies to market the content of your roofing business.

Manage your offline, and online reputation

Everyone wants to work with a roofing business that has a good reputation in the market. Reputation holds immense value in a business. Word-of-mouth is one of the major factors when it comes to selecting a roofing business.

Use ad retargeting

Retargeting is another very important strategy that can help your business to gain more sales leads. This marketing strategy helps in using information collected from past online behavior of the prospect to serve up appropriate ads.

Facebook ads, Google ads, and other online marketing strategies can help you in creating impactful retargeting ads. As your prospects see retargeted ads of your business more and more, your business visibility will increase considerably.


These marketing services will help your business superior to the remaining crowd. Choose one that serves as a great means to target marketing seasonally as well as locally.

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