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Some people might say that an email is outdated. But for most businesses, there’s no doubt that it remainsone of the most professional mediums for communication despite the rise of instant messaging.

Most business owners build their identities by getting website hosting with domain-based email where the messages and files sent under their domain’s name are all stored on a server. It provides 3 major benefits that can greatly help the companies who use it. Here’s what they are.


A professionally hosted email is equipped with standard data encryption. It guarantees that all information sent from one server to another, whether sensitive or not, won’t be compromised or intercepted by a third party. This also gives clients secured access through Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) and Post Office Protocol (POP), which allows the user to view, delete, or move messages from the main server.

It includes blocking of spam and malware, along with offering innovative anti-virus and anti-spam filters, such as whitelisting and blacklisting. These filtering tools help people sort their mail by automatically sending junk to a separate folder rather than their inbox.

Business Branding

Well-established companies express their professionalism through electronically mailed messages because they can build brand trust. They do this by making accountswith their company mentioned in the domain name -i.e., [email protected] vs.[email protected].

Customers tend to trust and remember a company more when their name is included in the email address. Plus, when signatures are applied that include a standard ID and logo, it offers a layer of added competence.

Increased Storage

The inbox of an employee can instantly fill up because of work-related messages that are electronically sent to each of them. To prevent reaching maximum capacity, they’re provided with ample disk space in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB) ranging from hundreds up to tens of thousands. This offers storage flexibility and allows businesses to upgrade if it’s needed.

With this service, different companies can also have their mailbox space automatically managed. Workers won’t have to decide if they need to delete something save space for other important data because it’ll be automatically sorted so that it’ll never run out.

Establishing professionalism through web hosting services like domain-based email is the best option for every business. It’s a comprehensive solution that can help small and medium companies with mailbox management and data security.

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