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The expansion of an online marketing company serves to be very stressful for a company. If it takes up more work, assign them to employees without increasing the workforce, then it can cause emotional restraint on the business. This negatively impacts the health of employees, workplace culture, and productivity.

To solve this issue, White label PPC proves to be very beneficial. It is a process that digital firms use to partner with a 3rd party PPC management service providers to provide an additional level of service that amplify their marketing efforts. Let us see more about it in detail.

Why do you need to hire a PPC management company?

Overload of work can cause emotional stress on employees, and business owner, and a monetary strain on the business. Working for longer hours causes resentment among workers towards the business, and business owners.

The best strategy to cope up with this situation is to increase more staff and get more clients. Hiring White label services can help in lowering financial and emotional stress, provide a superior quality service to clients, maintain a happy work culture and expand your agency.

Aiad is a leading Google AdWords agency in Australia. The experienced marketing professionals at the firm deliver result-oriented targeted marketing strategies to get the most out of their Google Ad campaigns. This marketing firm provides Google AdWords, and PPC management services to small scale and enterprise-level businesses in Australia.

What is White Label PPC?

White label is the procedure to buy a service or a product from a 3rd party. The process applies the brand to it and sells it as if it is your very own. To outsource PPC management services, it is important to recruit a specialized white label PPC company to manage the Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns of the business.

Should you choose a contractor or a White Label Agency for the implementation of White Label PPC?

Both these options provide different types of results for the business. The right selection depends on the present circumstance of the business. So, you need to look at the major differences both these approaches in detail.


Freelancers can be busy, and completely unavailable to serve you. You can or can’t add clients as they working with several partners at once. A white label agency is developed to scale. They have all the necessary resources, and the capacity to take on the extra clients to enhance the workload.


The credibility of the contractor is inconsistent as they may need to take holidays due to a family emergency. A white label agency has resilience built into it. They have sickness cover and holiday. There will be several people on which your business has to be dependent. This helps in reducing the possibilities of failure.


White Label PPC is an ideal pricing model to give remarkable gains from the marketing efforts of a business. It comes in different types in the market. The selection of the right model depends on the business model and how its services suit the requirement of your clients.

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