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Business plans to migrate its business to the cloud infrastructure for two major reasons. Either it wishes to transform its business infrastructure or modify the way the business is run.

AWS Cloud is viewed as the fastest and simplest process for business migration. If you plan to migrate your business, you need to have a complete understanding and knowledge to use the services as well as optimization tools.

Questions that a business when planning for migration

  • When should you start business migration?
  • What platform to select to remain ahead of the competition?
  • How to balance between cloud infrastructure and an on-premise infrastructure?
  • What procedures are needed to manage on a cloud platform?

There are various questions that need to be answered to improve business performances and networks. Romex Soft is a reputed AWS managed services provider firm. It has the certification, expertise, understanding, and knowledge of different types of services. This help in providing the right level of support and guidance needed for migration to AWS platform.

Why should you choose an expert firm for business migration?

When you choose to transform your business infrastructure, you need a new approach. The procedures and processes may need changes in business operations, specific departments, and roles. When an organization migrates from an “on-premise infrastructure” to “cloud platform”, here are a few things to consider.

When you choose to work with an AWS experienced consulting partner, you get to share their expertise, experience, guidance, solutions, and concerns that can help you make the most out of your cloud platform. Your journey to “cloud” becomes a seamless experience.

The knowledgeable professionals at the firm are well trained to manage as well as optimize the services precisely. Though migration to cloud doesn’t need a lot of investment, the recurring expense can be reduced by proper service management.

AWS service enables the employee to progressively approve the cloud procedure and also offer full-fledged orientation of the platform. They equip businesses with all the knowledge regarding resources, procedures, and services. With the right form of experience, technique, and guidance, your team will function on the platform in a seamless way.

What things do you need to consider when choosing an AWS consulting partner?

AWS consultant is highly experienced and skilled to offer comprehensive lifecycle solutions to the clients.  They should successfully pass the 3rd party audit and display the necessary abilities to provide an “end-to-end solution” to migrate client’s business to the cloud.

AWS certified service provider should display their skills to provide assistance in different stages of designing, planning, building, running, migrating, operating and optimizing.

The firm you consider should be certified to offer consulting services for your business. Irrespective of the business size, the AWS consultant should provide the same extent of support and guidance to all customers.


Over the years, explosive growth and demand for migration to AWS cloud platform are seen. All this information will definitely assist businesses who plan to move their entire infrastructure to cloud platform.

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