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Nowadays, music is not just confined to a specific area, city or country. You can reach the world with your music at any corner of the world. The technologies have provided immense platform not only to the budding artist to show their talent, but at the same time earn them their goodwill.

MusicDigi is the platform that not only helps in the distribution of music to the world but creating an impact on behalf of musicians and artists. The streaming services provided by MusicDigi is one of the best music distribution services since it takes care of all the development burden, informational resources, creates a system and thereby enabling you to reach your audiences.


The music distribution system simplifies the work for you. As an artist you can concentrate on creating music instead of managing accounts on various platforms, uploading music, creation of artwork files for separate digital music platforms. MusicDigi can simplify your work and help in value creation to your music as below.

Wider network

Your music creation should earn you name, fame, and money. Most importantly it should strike the right chord and reach the listeners worldwide. MusicDigi has created platforms by partnering with many streaming channels and digital music providers worldwide.

  •     Easy distribution

The major labels that acted as distribution gatekeepers no more exists. The distribution has now become simple and easy for the pockets. The artists are no longer looking for labels for physical copies, which further helps in easy distribution. 

  •     Speedy delivery

Since MusicDigi has long-term business with top of the line music platforms, there is speedy delivery of your release to the music lovers. The release can be as instantaneous as if you are preparing noodles and having it – provided you have inspected your release with zero strategy.

  •     Analytics

The world now follows analytics. The behavior and listening pattern of music lovers will help artists analyze their work. Additional information and insights will help the artists to interact and provide a base for better promotion and tactics for the next release.

  •     Editorial reach

It is important that the analytics not only reaches to the music producers but also music listeners. With the help of regular editorial and newsletters, the music lovers are informed about new music, mood-based playlists, artist stories.

  •     Robust services

Besides, getting online streaming, there is a bundle of other services offered alongside which indirectly helps the artists earn money. These are the creation of CDs or vinyl for physical distribution, synchronization of licensing, marketing tools for carrying out promotional activities, social media monetization to name a few.

  •     Affordable fee structure

As a music artist, you will face ups and downs. You will face lows when the demand drops down the line after a few months. With an affordable fee structure, you don’t need to pay annually for the old material, if the sales declines. 

  •     Planning and strategies

Planning and strategies are quite important. MusicDigi will assist in pre-saves, pre-licensed options, pre-sales, editorial pitches, touring and more. This will help the artist to expand the fan base.

  •     Future development

If you are tied up with the right online distribution partners, it will help in future expansion opportunities, keeping in view the hurdles faced by musicians tomorrow.

Thus, online distributors must have the right tools and strategies for music distribution.


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