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The automotive industry has been growing at a very fast pace globally. The success of any product depends on the volume of research that you put in your marketing effort. Therefore, automotive research is a critical component in the entire process of product development and the feedback. The kind of research involves several specialized areas. At this point, you will need an experiences research firm. It will help you to start right from the preliminary stage of product design to the research stage.

Automotive events are a great place for conducting research and empowering you with the information that will end up making your brand stronger. Automotive event research requires to be keenly carried out to make sure that you get the desired results from the live events. Here are some of the specialized automotive research areas that you can start using now.

  • Car Clinics

The static automotive clinics is one of the most effective automotive marketing research tools that play a critical role on the development of new products and feedback. It is wise to select a company that will conduct clinics of different sizes with the number of vehicles that range from one to two to as many as ninety or even more. The research firm that you choose should have the ability of handling several respondents across several cities. Using touch screen, hand-held computers makes it easy to collect, process, analyze, and even integrate your data.

  • Drive Clinics

The market has several forms of drive clinics like Motorcycle Ride Clinics, Closed Course Drive Clinics, and Open Course Drive Clinics that help in getting realistic feedback about the different elements of driving vehicles. An excellent research firm will provide well-trained, flexible and experienced interviewers who can collect maximum info from the respondents while controlling the dynamic situation. The closed drive clinic are an appropriate way to get the respondents to experience the actual similar driving conditions across all the drive vehicles. Closed courses include the blocked off parts on public roadways, skip pads, road race courses, NASCAR tracks, and stadium parking lots.

  • Auto Show Research

Such events are among the most cost effective ways of getting feedback from customers in clinic-style settings. In such events, the interviewers from the research forms that is conducting intercept interviews with event attendees. The automotive event research may include many different types of events like the auto shows, enthusiasts’ events, race events, vendor display event, and power sports events. It is wise to select a research firm that has a lot of experience in conducting research across all the events while employing the randomized respondent techniques of selection.

Therefore, whether you are dealing with the final client satisfaction research or initial product design research, it is a wise move to choose a firm that has a lot of experience in various facts about automotive marketing research. These tips will make sure that you are making the right decisions in as far as automotive research is concerned. You will report a high success rate when you begin to make good use of these pieces of advice.

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